About SpeedTest

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What is speed-test.io

SpeedTest is a site where you can check the speed of your Internet connection and compare with other test results. All this, will help you quickly find a normal Internet provider and know about Internet bandwidth technical questions.

This project is not a hidden representation of any Internet provider (as is often done recently), there is no propaganda of the services of a single ISP on the site, no hidden advertising. One way or another, the site may have text or image ads, but only in designated areas.

We do not urge you to disconnect from one provider and connect to another. All information is purely advisory in nature and compiled on the basis of user reports.

In addition if you want to know what are your IP Address then IP Tracker is the right way to know what is your IP Address, even where are you located through Google Maps, who are your company (ISP) provider and more data that maybe you will want to know.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the operation of SpeedTest, please contact us.

Thanks for trusting us.

Respectfully, Developers of the project speed-test.io.