These are a few signs that you have slow internet connection

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These are a few signs that you have slow internet connection

Slow internet connection

You can eat breakfast, go to work, go home and your download will still be incomplete. Very slow internet connection is a hassle because it takes time away from watching your favorite movies or shows online. You will also miss out on important files or emails that you would have received if you had good internet connection. You can test for really slow internet connection with our Speed Test.

The load time takes several minutes to finish. Moving from page to page takes too much time and you can have a long winded chat with your girlfriend and the screen still says now loading. You can avoid this by applying a Speed Test. A Speed Test will help you make the right choice when you subscribe for an internet connection.

Downloading Images

Images take forever to finish loading. With a very slow internet connection, the money you paid for broadband or any other high end internet connection will go to waste if your internet was taken from the dark ages of technology (i.e. dial up connection). Slow loading images can also mean your RAM is low and you may need to delete data to create more space but it could also mean that you have very poor internet connection. You can unsubscribe to your internet provider if you find out how slow their internet connection is through a Speed Test. A Speed Test will give you an accurate measure on how fast or how slow your internet connection is

Video Streaming

Videos only play a few seconds. You want to watch a live stream of your favorite programming but the connection lags and you cannot follow the story well. You were better off just reading a serialized novel about ants. A good internet connection should give you good quality and fast response times while a bad one will take you back to the time of moving pictures in black and white. To avoid situations like this, you can test your internet connection with a Speed Test. The SpeedTest will give you a quantifiable measure to know if your internet connection is good for video streaming

Online gaming

Another sign of poor internet connection that our SpeedTest can measure is the performance of online games. You decide to play against the best the world has to offer in Fortnite but as soon as you set a character and embark on the battlegrounds, your character already dropped dead before you did anything. Poor internet connection will make you the laughing stock of friends and the online gaming community. You can avoid shame by testing your internet connection with a Speed Test

These are just a few signs to consider when you pick an internet connection provider. Make sure the things you need or want will not be hampered by a poor internet connection. Different people use the internet for different reasons. The reasons may be different for a business person compared to an individual user.

The purpose of a Speed Test is to determine if your internet connection is fit for your business or personal use. A Speed Test measures download and upload speed. The upload and download speed is a good measure to determine if your internet connection is fit for your needs.

The SpeedTest tool can only be accessed through a certain network. If you try to access the internet speed test on other networks on the internet you will not be able to fully get a good measure of your internet connection.

Factors of a slow connection

Factors that can affect your internet connection are as follows:

  1. The distance from the server, the farther you are from the server the slower your internet connection will be. It is wiser to get an internet provider near your area.
  2. Multiple tabs operating and downloading at the same time.
  3. A loose cable internet connection in your area.
  4. Poor transmission of internet in your area.

You can find out if outside forces are affecting your connection through a SpeedTest. But before you can run the internet speed test on your own connection, you must be a subscriber to a particular network. If you try other online internet speed testers, you will not get an accurate measure of your internet speed. An internet speed test can help you gauge the capacity of your internet connection. The SpeedTest will give you an effective way to know if you have good internet connection for your needs.

I hope you find our Speedtest useful!